Ya Allah,

Increase my imaan so I can get up everyday without being lazy to do my Salah, to read the Qur’an, to give Dawah and to do all the things which you have ordered me. I don’t want to go astray so please guide me so I can stay on your path and become a better Muslim.

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Allahumma Aamiin ya Rabbal Alaminnnnnnnn

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Terkadang, kita jatuh bukan hanya kerana tak nampak lubang di lantai yang menghitam tapi kerana kepala kita terlampau mendongak ke atas awan. Megah. Berangan terbang di awangan. Mata meliar, mengintai apa yang dihadapan. Taksub, terlalu taksub ingin menjadi hartawan. Sehingga terlupa masih banyak…

When Allah has chosen you to be guided, this wasn’t because you were special. This is plain mercy from Allah which can be taken away any moment from you. Therefore, don’t think too high of your good deeds and never look down at those who were less fortunate and not guided. Remember that you were once one of them so praise Allah who guided you and ask Him to keep you steadfast.
― Assim AlHakeem (via in-allah-we-believe)